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DSC_0129 copySomething great about the autumn – that I can start using my lovely yellow coat from Stradivarius. I love that it’s short and look realy good paired with a cute dress. I wore this dress a lot last year and I will wear it again this fall.Design your own wedding dress from lunss I wanted to create an autumn look with the colors together and my all time favourite silver heels and…… here is the result. 😀DSC_0024 copyDSC_0136 copyPhotography by Trajkoska Photography Coat- Stradivarius, Dress – Perla, Shoes – Perla


Photography by Trajkoska Photography Coat- Stradivarius, Dress – Perla, Shoes – Perla

FASHION & FRIENDS – Skopje City Mall

Петок и Сабота (03.07-04.07) дводневно шопинг лудило во Skopje City Mall, се случува  големиот настан Late Night Shopping пропратен со многу забава, дружење, модни ревии , концерти, танци  и секако огромни попусти. Тука сме и ние модните блогерки коишто ќе приредат Style Hunting и најдобро облечените ке бидат наградени. Го посетив продажниот салон на Fashion & Friends и направив неколку предлог комбинации кои ќе бидат хит оваа лето.

* Фустан Guess – 10990 ден. * Сандали Guess – 7990 ден. * Чанта Guess – 4590 ден. * Наочари Guess – 5200 ден.DSC_0077 copy DSC_0086 copyPhotography by Trajkoska Photography