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Today was a tough day.I was sooooo busy and i did not have time to post earlier.Sorry! I just started whit my studies and now I came back to live in Skopje again.Imagine how much time do I need to pack all my stuff and move it in my apartment here. It took me all rainy day. I decided for casual look and my boots are in the back of my car :)) Kisses
Blazer-Zara, Leggings- Zara, Shirt- Terra, Necklace- H&M, Rings- H&M, Bracelet- Gift


It was so hot today, so I used this nice weather to put on a skirt and T-shirt.I’m wearing a leather skirt and а Lion T- Shirt that I love so much, and denim jacket (just in case).The necklace is a gift from my best friend who has her own atelier for clothing and jewelry.You can find her here: . 
P.S Tell me what do you thing about my outfit?? :):**
Skirt- Zara, T-Shirt- Pull & Bear, Jacket- Stradivarius, Shoes- Zara, Necklace- Atelier By Iva, Rings- H&M


One of the biggest trends this summer was maxi skirt, matched whit some top.I did that combination a few days ago, and looks perfectly.So I put my favorite top ( sweater ) and pink skirt whit black sandals.My camera broke, so I take pictures whit mobile camera witch is not that good.Because of that the pictures are bad too. Sorry 🙂
Skirt- Zara, Sweater- Zara, Sandals- Zara, Necklace- Bershka


Leather leggings are perfect for fall.This time I chose to wear them with mealy blazer.As you can see from previous posts I love mealy clothes.This outfit is so simple, but impressive.Is perfect with these boots and red lips. :))

Leggings- Zara, Blazer- Zara, Shirt- Pull & Bear, Boots- Tendenz


I chose only two photos of this outfit, because the background is bad.I did not like the pictures, but anyway I want you to show you what I chose for a cool autumn day.I wear a black blazer, black shorts and black boots with golden heels.Of course the black goes perfectly with gold, so I chose gold jewelry.This is perfect and simple outfit for work.What do you think?
Shorts- Zara, Shirt- Pull & Bear, Blazer- Zara,Boots- Bershka, Bracelets- H&M, Earrings- H&M


This is how i looked at my sister’s birthday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS.I like the print on this pants, it’s so unusual.I was looking fot this sweater a long time, and finally I found it at Zara.I think every girl must have at least one pair sandals like this.
Pants- Pull & Bear, Sandals- Pull & Bear, Sweater- Zara, Rings- H&M, Necklace- Trendy