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I visited Skopje City Mall a day before the big LATE NIGHT SHOPPING. I chose these outfits for my photoshoot and I definitely plan to by them during the LNS. It starts on 1st July. Bellow you can find the prices for these pieces.DSC_0024Shorts- Suite Blanco (2190 den. –> 1533 den.), Blouse- Suite Blanco (2390 den. –> 1673 den.), Cape- Suite Blanco (5190 den. –> 3633 den.), Sneakers- Nine West ( 5999 den–>4328 den.), Bag- Nine West ( 4999 den–>2305 den.),Prom Dress Watch- Parfois (1590 den. –> 1090 den.), Necklace- Parfois (790 den. –> 590 den.)

My second outfit on my wish list

DSC_0077                               Pants-P.S Fashion (1890 den.–> 1330 den.),Top-Tally Weijl (1090 den.–> 899 den.),                            Shoes-Bata (4552 den–>3186 den.), Bag- DukiDaso ( 2290 den–> 1145 den.)